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Engineered Products

Trexon specializes in designing and engineering products that meet complex configurations or perform in critical functions.
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Focused on Your Challenges

Discover unique, customized products designed to solve complex configurations and perform in your mission-critical applications.

Aerospace / Defense

Trexon’s cable solutions and assemblies offer proven performance for critical applications in the Aerospace and Defense industries.

Oil / Gas

Trexon provides durable, high-performance cables and assemblies for drilling, well servicing, refining or pumping — and we deliver them quickly.

Renewable Energy

We offer top-performing cable solutions that transmit power from renewable sources and keep up with energy demand.


Our cables provide absolute reliability and uninterrupted operation when utilized in life-saving medical applications.


Our solutions excel when utilized in continuous motion applications, making them the ideal choice for use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Specialty Telecom

Trexon’s high-performance wire and cable solutions bring telecommunication services to subscribers with trusted dependability.


We support diverse manufacturers with durable and reliable solutions that help avoid routine repairs and unplanned downtime.

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