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Industrial Products

Discover unique products that are designed to provide top performance in your most demanding environments and applications.

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Wire / Cable

Trexon delivers industry-leading, ruggedized cable for demanding industrial applications.
  • Power (Low / Medium Voltage)
  • Reeling
  • Control / Instrumentation / Data
  • High Temperature
  • Chemical Resistant
cable variations
connector variations

Custom Assemblies / Cord Sets

Trexon’s extensive selection of custom assemblies and cord sets can be customized for your specific applications.


Trexon offers a comprehensive assortment of useful cable accessories to help you reduce unnecessary downtime and perform maintenance safely, accurately, and efficiently.
cable accessory variations
vulko-wrap product in box
  • Glands
  • Cable Storage / Deployment
  • Tapes / Wraps
  • Ferrules
  • Connectors
  • Tools
  • Cable Ties
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Lugs
  • Metal Strip Terminals
  • Solderless Terminals / Kits

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