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Trexon is the leading provider of customizable wire, cable, and connectivity solutions for high cost-of-failure applications.
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Focused on Your Challenges

Discover unique products that are designed to provide top performance in your most demanding environments and applications.


Our high-performance products withstand the flexing and impact and abrasion in the most demanding applications where downtime is measured in thousands of dollars.

Metals / Mining

Our broad line of rugged power cables and chemical- and temperature-resistant power and control products are built for the toughest applications, including mining and melt shops.

Rail / Transit

Our products include contact wire, power/signal cables and bonds, car wire, and electrical accessories that meet the demanding needs of transit car and locomotive builders.

Wood / Pulp / Paper

Our rugged solutions are built to withstand the flexing, impact, abrasion, caustic chemical exposure, and extreme temperatures found in wood, pulp, and paper plants.


Whether it’s power generation or transmission, utility companies rely on us for ruggedized products that maximize uptime and keep customers satisfied longer.


We specialize in providing marine applications with products and solutions built specifically to protect against temperature extremes, abrasion, and weld splatter.


The manufacturers we support rely on our industrial electric wire and cable solutions to help them avoid routine repairs and unplanned downtime.

Food / Beverage

As a leading supplier to Food / Beverage environments, our customers rely on signature products that can withstand repetitive use and harsh conditions.

Video Inspection

We supply rugged and flexible cables that allow customers to capture videos from pipes, sewers, and more.

Robotics / Automation

Our highly durable cables are designed to provide absolute reliability in mission critical robotics applications and automated facilities.

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