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MACEDONIA, Ohio, U.S.A. – Oct. 6, 2021 – TPC Wire & Cable (TPC) today announces the formation of the Trexon brand, which encompasses the brand portfolio of TPC, Pittsburgh Wire and Cable, MilRail, EZ Form Cable, CiCoil, Hydro Group, Integrated Cable Systems (ICS) and The First Electronics Corporation (FEC). The company is headquartered in Macedonia, Ohio.

Trexon is a leading provider of unique connectivity solutions built to withstand the toughest environments and the most exacting applications. The new brand is comprised of some of the most innovative specialty connectivity companies in the world.

There are two divisions within Trexon: Industrial Products and Engineered Products. Industrial Products is comprised of TPC, MilRail, and Pittsburgh Wire and Cable, and its products are manufactured to provide top performance in the most demanding environments. Engineered Products is comprised of CiCoil, EZ Form Cable, Hydro Group, ICS and FEC, and its products are designed into exacting and mission-critical applications.

The existing TPC leadership will take the helm at Trexon, with Jeff Crane as President and CEO, Todd Spaulding managing the Industrial Products business, and Nildeep Patel leading the Engineered Products business.

“The collective strength of Trexon’s brands puts us in a unique position to provide the best possible high-performance wire and cable solutions to our customers,” said Jeff Crane, President and CEO, Trexon. “We care deeply about pioneering new solutions and collaborating with our customers to solve the world’s most challenging connectivity problems.”

Trexon promises to always design for durability and engineer for excellence, leveraging collective market expertise, collaboration, and a flexible service model that allows them to design connectivity solutions that increase performance and maximize uptime for customers. Each of Trexon’s leading specialty connectivity companies will play an important role in this mission.

“All of the companies under the Trexon umbrella bring with them their own brand identity and strong heritage,” added Jeff Crane. “We will protect and build upon these legacies even as we establish this new Trexon brand to convey a collective global message about the unique connectivity solutions that we provide.”

About Trexon

Trexon is built through the transformative combination of some of the most innovative specialty connectivity companies in the world. They provide unique connectivity solutions that withstand the toughest environments and most exacting applications. Headquartered in Macedonia, Ohio, U.S.A., Trexon has more than 700 connectivity experts serving the daily needs of customers across the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, and East Asia. For additional information, please visit Trexon is a portfolio company of Audax Group, a private equity group based in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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